Something to protect you from BLOWING YOUR MIND

Custom paint doesn’t necessarily end on your motorcycle. When worn on your head it may even help you finally getting noticed by distracted and stressed out car drivers. That way your spaced out 60ies metal flake helmet might actually protect you from blowing your own mind by blowing the mind of others.

We promised you that there’s more to come from the Born Free Motorcycle Show and here it is. This time we’re switching from fuel tanks to helmets because we’re still amazed by all the the great custom paintjobs we’ve seen at the show and want to show you some more.

Each and every one of those helmets has something unique about them and that’s why they’ve ended up in this sweet little selection. Again well aware of the fact that this is only a microscopic aspect of everything that is happening at Born Free, here’s our litte best-of of what we’ve seen.