A yellow island in the middle of LA: MOONEYES

If you ever happend to be in Santa Fe Springs CA, make sure to stop by Mooneyes USA on Norwalk Blvd. and get yourself some goodies. We had the chance to visit the shop two summers ago and are already looking forward to visiting this iconic location again.

Dean Moon founded Moon Speed Equipment around 1950 to improve the quality and safety of speed and racing parts. This being his life-long effort he was also one of the founding members of SEMA in 1963.

He was a hot rodder to the bone, he built and raced cars in El Mirage and Bonneville, on drag strips and sure enough also on the streets of Los Angeles. His brand with the dominating color yellow and the ever so present eyes became an icon in the car industry and is also known to non car enthusiasts around the globe for its iconic imagery. Early products included a multi-carb fuel block, aluminum wheel discs, gas tanks and the now iconic foot shaped throttle pedal.

The shop in Santa Fe Springs were the company still is now was opened in 1962. This is also the place were the first ever Shelby Cobra and the engine for George Barris’ Batmobile were assembled.

Moon Speed Equipment kind of “paused” when Dean Moon passed away in 1987 and eventually stopped momentarily after his wife died. In the early 1990s it was resurrected by Shige Suganuma, a long time Mooneyes dealer from Japan and close friend of Dean Moon with the company now being called Mooneyes USA.

Many products developped by Moon are still in use today and are sought after by people restoring and recreating old hot rods and kustom cars. And there’s the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, probably THE best kustom kulture show on the planet showing the quality and versatility of today’s hot rod scene.

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