SOSA Metal Works INDIAN Board Tracker

When it comes to metalworks, not many people can come up to the standards Christian Sosa sets building motorcycles. We took some time at Art and Wheels Basel to pay closer attention to some of the details on the Indian Board Tracker he has built for Suavecito Pomade and brought to the show.

Sosa Metal Works is based in downtown Las Vegas, where Christian Sosa leads a small team of experts crafting nothing but the best of metal work imaginable.  As an expert custom designer and builder, his collaboration with Suavecito Pomade was born out of mutual respect. While being at the 2013 Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion the first contacts were made. Totally amazed by the fact that Christian Sosa’s motorcycles had been driven to the show and weren’t trailered sure left and impression.

The following text was borrowed from illustrating what the bike is all about:

“We wanted a bike that represented Suavecito Pomade the best. One that didn’t have a design that was too loud because we are not about that. We leave that to other companies. Also, we wanted Sosa from the beginning to have almost free reign on the project. We wanted him to be a true artist in the sense that he makes his personal interpretation of our company in the form of a motorcycle.”

“This custom 1940 Indian Boardtracker is what was born out of this collaboration. A true artist and benefactor relationship that sprouts this amazing piece of art. Best of all, the beast hauls ass.”

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