THE CHOPPER by Ehinger Kraftrad

When German craftsmanship meets Chopper history from the 70ies amazing things can happen: Uwe Ehinger’s Born Free 8 Knucklehead is a modern interpretation of bygone days and pays tribute to the pioneers of chopper building.

I’ve seen this bike in countless videos, photos and all over on social media. I’ve heard people talk about it and thought it was quite of a big deal. Those rumors are all true: Uwe Ehinger’s THE CHOPPER is one of the most well executed builds I’ve ever seen and I’m fortunate enough to have finally seen the bike in person at this year’s Art and Wheels Basel.

“This bike merges various elements together”, describes Uwe Ehinger the concept behind the bike. With his modern interpretation he pays tribute to the chopper builders of the past. “The mexican inhabitants of East LA took inspiration from the lowrider scene, they used metal flakes and different design elements from their own culture.”

The proverbial thoroughness of the Germans is visible in every aspect of the bike: The fuel tank is welded to the frame and around the oil tank there’s a second skin hiding the battery and the ignition. Up front there’s a 23 inch wheel with an ice-speedway tire without any profile and in the back there’s a 19 inch W&W mag wheel with a dragtire. And have you ever seen a sissybar that’s also an exhaust? Well, I haven’t.

For the paintjob Uwe created a pattern from stylized roses taken from his family crest and reminding of traditional Aztec patterns. Those patterns are executed throughout the whole bike even on the handmade leather seat and the engraved 1947 Knucklehead engine.

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