CLASSIC ART SHOW at Messner Optik

You thought optician shops don’t make good art exhibition spaces? Well, then you’re wrong. Join us on our journey as we review the opening of the CLASSIC ART SHOW at Messner Optik in the heart of Basel.

Some time ago my friend Christian asked me if I would be open to the idea of displaying some of my photos in his optician shop during the Art Basel. Sure I was open for the idea but also had to tell him that I was in California by this time. So we decided to start the whole thing a bit earlier and have it as kind of a pre Art Basel party. After some discussions we also made it happen to have a Hot Rod and a Cafe Racer present at the exhibition.

A date was set, flyers were printed, picture frames borrowed and we were ready for the opening of the show on June 3rd. We also had reserved the parking lots in front of the shop pirate style so we could park our vintage cars and some bikes there.

We spent a super relaxed afternoon with people coming and going, lots of gas talk and some great BBQ and beer during and after the show. I’m already curious about which picture was chosen by the crowd to be the best one since there was a voting going on.

The show is still open for another two weeks until July 7th.

You’ll find it all at Messner Optik, Aeschenvorstadt 57 in Basel. Swing over, look at the pictures, sit in the Hot Rod and get yourself some new glasses.