Racing from the rain: Hangar Rockin’ 2017

Tradition never trends they say. When it comes to Hangar Rockin’ the rumors are true: We’ve been there so many times already but we’re going back over and over again. Here’s this year’s recap of probably the most scenic car show in the world.

Remember the story? “We had just gotten back home from a three-week trip to the United States. There wasn’t any decent food in the fridge, we didn’t have any more clean clothes and we were jetlagged as hell. We weren’t much into packing our stuff again, getting in the car the next morning and sleeping in just another louse-ridden hotel bed, drinking way too many beers and generally raising hell one more weekend. But hey, it was this time of the year where days are longer, nights are shorter and you just can’t resist going to Hangar Rockin’ if you’ve ever been there before. So we packed our stuff, got in the car and rode up to those beautiful Swiss mountains everybody knows from postcards and chocolate ads.”

Well, we did it again. This time we had even washed some of our clothes, took a good shower and had eaten some proper Swiss food before heading up to the Alps. To be fair I gotta admit that I didn’t really wash any clothes, I had to to get the Chevy ready for the trip. So big kudos to my old lady for providing me with some clean Dickies and a few t-shirts for the weekend. With the weather forecast being rather rainy we prepared for some cold and wet conditions and I mounted the new radials on the car, which really saved our asses riding in the rain.

Just like in 2016, Vandals Car Club provided us with shelter, cold beers and a lot of laughs and good times. And it didn’t even rain, it just got cold during the evenings and especially during the night. We had caught some rain on the way up but once we were all set and done on the airfield, the rain wouldn’t actually return for quite some time. Sadly a lot of people had believed more in the weather forecast than into their own driving skills and didn’t make the trip to Hangar Rockin’ this year. We’ve been there some years now and there have never been that little cars on the airfield as this year. Nevertheless, everybody that was actually there had a great time and wasn’t disappointed at all.

This year’s race was actually really good too. With less cars than usually it didn’t really last that long but the ones that did go down the strip actually raced their cars going REALLY fast. In previous years lots of drivers took off slower than some of us would at just some random red light around town but this time drivers were really pushing the boundaries of their vehicles and laid down a lot of rubber.

Waking up Sunday morning it rained like crazy and the weather forecast didn’t show that it would be getting any better until probably like Monday. So we rolled up our windows, put on our jackets and slowly made our way down the valley to hit the autobahn back home. On a sidenote I would like to thank a certain gas station terminal for withdrawing my credit card and not giving it back until I punched the goddamn terminal. For the last 100 kilometers the rain even stopped and we could enjoy a relaxed drive home.

Finally being home and a lot more clothes washed later I’m sitting here looking at about 700 photos that still need to be edited so I can tell you some of the amazing stories about this year’s trip to California. It might take a while to sort them all out and remember the good times we had but we’re getting there, stay tuned for more!

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