Roadtrippin’ Bavaria: Rumblers Nomads Monster Run 3.0

What would you say if you could ride your souped-up jalopy through the über-scenic Bavarian forest in a convoy of about 50 like minded cars and people? If this sounds like a good time to you, then join us on our trip to Bavaria for his year’s Rumblers Monster Run 3.0

If you like car shows that are about rolling into a parking lot, parking your car somewhere nice, then wipe it down with detailer to let it shine, unload your cooler and your camping chairs from your trunk and then sit by your vehicle all day sipping beers and relaxing, then Rumblers Monster Run is definitely not for you. If you’re into riding though, there’s probably no better event to get your fair share of miles. And if you like the countryside and the great food Bavaria has to offer, you will certainly not be disappointed.

For us it was a 1’300 kilometer round trip leaving Basel Friday morning to get to Nürnberg, Saturday off to Straubing and Sunday back to Switzerland again. German Autobahn on a Friday afternoon, it doesn’t get any worse than this: Traffic jams, accidents, construction work, you name it. Sight seeing in Nürnberg fell victim to those circumstances but at least we were able to enjoy some absolutely delicious burgers at Beckschlager, which is owned by fellow Road Devils Car Club member Mike. And we’re already absolutely convinced that we have to return to Nürnberg better sooner than later: Apart from those delicious burgers there must be a ton of cool places to go see there.

Saturday morning we got up early to make our way down to Straubing to join the Rumblers Monster Run. With another traffic jam ahead we knew we wouldn’t make the start of the run in time so we just did our very own and joined the rest of the gang where everybody was stopping for lunch.

There’s something really amazing about riding in a convoy of about 50 custom cars and Hot Rods. You look into your rear view mirror and there’s at least ten cool cars behind you with even more riding up and down the hills of the Bavarian forest in front of you. Definitely an experience well worth the long trip.

Saturday night at the clubhouse was even better: Cheap beers, badass bands and even better: great people. Not like every other show there were pretty much just the guys and girls there who had also ridden their cars on the run. This made the whole experience even better, no need for posers wearing fancy shirts but not having any idea about how things work out. Plus the guys in the Rumblers Nomads had hooked everybody up with a hotel that was so close to their clubhouse you couldn’t even empty your beer once you decided to (finally) go to bed. Can you spell H.O.S.P.I.T.A.L.I.T.Y.? I guess it was born in Bavaria.

Do we recommend the Monster Run? Hell fucking yes! Do we wanna go again? Abso-fucking-lutely! Was it worth blasting 200 liters of gasoline through our carburetor and spending about 24 hours on the road in just three days? Definitely!