Downey’s finest: BOB’S BIG BOY BROILER

Any Wednesday is a good Wednesday at Bob’s Big Boy Broiler in Downey: There’s old cars, good folks and some of the finest burgers and milkshakes SoCal has to offer.

We have told you about Bob’s Big Boy before, and we’re now telling you about it again, sorry for the repetition but this place is just too cool not to visit it over and over again. Every Wednesday of the week, all year round, there’s a cruise night happening at Bob’s Big Boy Broiler and we can highly recommend it.

With the diner being around since the 1930s this place has seen some real hot rodding history, probably some drama with girls getting their hair messed up and their precious clothes soaked with oil while getting driven there in some hot roadsters. But the burgers and milkshakes definitely make up for it: If you’re into burgers, look no further, just drop by Bob’s Big Boy and enjoy one of their über-tasty burgers and top it off with a home-made milkshake.

If you’re there on a Wednesday night – we could recommend any other day of the week nevertheless – go check out some of the cars, lots of Hot Rods, some Kustoms, muscle carsStockers, Gassers, maybe a Lowrider or two and an overall relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that sure will leave a nice memory in your mind.

It’s also not the worst of ideas to visit Bob’s Big Boy after a hard day of shopping at Mooneyes in Santa Fe Springs, Greenspan’s in Southgate, or Masterson Kustoms in Lynwood since the place is pretty much right in the middle of all those places. And with being just off of Interstate 5, no one has to travel from LA down to OC or the other way being hungry.

Not sure when we’re returning to Bob’s Big Boy again, but we definitely will at some point. Maybe we even make it up to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank where cruise nights happen on Friday nights. We’ll sure let you know when we make the trip there.