An inside look into MOONEYES machine shop

We called it “a yellow island in the middle of LA” but behind the scenes things are a little bit more dirty: Join us as we took a quick tour into the MOONEYES machine shop where some of the actual magic happens.

We’ve spent some time at Mooneyes in Santa Fe Springs before (read the story here), so it was a real no-brainer to return again when making the trip back to LA this year. This time we could take a look into the machine shop, were some of the great parts Mooneyes offers are actually made. If you think Mooneyes is just another hot rod clothing shop – which you find quite often when wanting to visit a “hot rod shop” – then you’re wrong. There’s actually really cool stuff in the making, like preparing the land speed racer for Bonneville and other cool projects. So next time you’re in Santa Fe Springs, get some parts, get some shirts and – if you ask nicely – go take a look behind the curtain where some of the magic of Mooneyes happens.