Huntington Beach Classics: DONUT DERELICTS

If you’re into Donuts and Hot Rods, Huntington Beach on a Saturday morning is the perfect place for you. Even better, this car show starts so early in the morning, your girlfriend won’t even notice you were gone!

Some days are busier than others: Sometimes you just get up too later sit down on your couch all day watching TV. And sometimes you find yourself in Huntington Beach on a Saturday morning, get up at 5 o’clock to go watch the car show on Magnolia & Adams, then later head East to go see the Born Free Motorcycle Show and if this is not enough, you head all the way North to East LA to go see some Lowriders cruise Whittier Blvd.

I guess I don’t have to tell you which days are better. Today is a shitty day: I have a terrible back pain and I need to get going for the day and get shit done. So you might apologize for me not having to tell you too many words today (or maybe just copy some of the text of the old article about the Donut Derelicts).

During week time it’s just another strip mall behind a Mobil gas station a few miles from the beach and the freeway. But every Saturday morning, when the donut shop at the corner of Magnolia and Adams Avenues in Huntington Beach opens, the parking lot starts filling with Hot Rods, Kustoms, Classics, Woodies, Pickup Trucks, Race Cars and whatnot else.

It all started in about 1986 when four or five car enthusiasts met at the Adams Ave. donut shop every Saturday morning to have some coffee and donuts. Whenever possible they rode their Hot Rods to the donut shop and sure caught some attention every time they were there. As time went on, word spread around and every week a few more cars showed up.

Today, the Donut Derelicts meeting has become known all around California, if not even worldwide. About 200 cars gather there every single Saturday morning showing off their hopped up engines and shiny paintjobs. But there’s also Rat Rods, daily-driven classic cars and anything in between, it’s just for anybody that’s into old American steel.

The whole thing starts at 6 AM and if you’re there by 8, you’re probably too late since it will be pretty much over then. There’s no entrance fee, no club organization and no attitude whatsoever. Nobody’s really in charge because the whole thing isn’t organized and promoted with flyers, it’s just happening. It has become a tradition, and it’s absolutely amazing the way it is.

When the time has come that the cars start taking off or your better half is starting to complain about why she had to get up at 5 AM to go look at all of those old cars, head over to The Original Pancake House on the corner of Brookhurst & Adams Ave. and grab a super tasty American style breakfast. That way she’ll be happy that you guys can finally go shopping and you’ll be at least well fed up for the next few hours hustling through some busy shopping mall.

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