Lowrider Wonderland: Elysian Park

If there’s something like a Lowrider heaven, then it must be Elysian Park. This is were (sometimes) true magic happens: You see cars bouncing up and down, chilling out parking, shining bright surrounded by a big family BBQ.

When we were at Whittier Blvd. Cruise Night some nice fellas told us that we absolutely had to go to Elysian Park the next morning if we wanted to see more Lowrider action. I had heard of this meeting before when my good friend and fellow photography nerd Anna Gala told me she was there before and saw some of the most amazing Lowriders in an absolutely beautiful scenery. She had also sent me some photos (which you’ll see here soon) so I knew that this event was going to be absolutely unbelievably badass.

And hell no, we weren’t disappointed. Elysian Park lies just north of Downtown Los Angeles on a little hill close to the Dodger Stadium. No smog, no traffic jams no nothings, just plain beautiful and peaceful. And even better, this time there were no cops around hindering the cruising.

Impressed would be the least to say and I’m not willing to waste any more words on this now, let’s just check out some photos I’ve taken. Sit back, enjoy the show and goddamnit: Go get some wire wheels!