FUEL for brains, COLOR for the soul

The chopper universe has become a colorful one: Black for bad boys, flakes for the fancy ones, airbrush for the experimental ones. Does it even matter? A.C.A.B.! All colors are beautiful, and so are those fuel tanks we found visiting BORN FREE 9 this year.

We’ve seen it all, together we’ve been to so many places surrounding this year’s Born Free Motorcycle Show. You joined us as we went into the dirt of Costa Mesa Speedway for the Stampede, you’ve had your share of beer’s at Showclass Magazine’s party over at Cook’s Corner, you’ve seen bikes, bikes and more bikes, and on top of that even more, and now it’s time for even more colorfullness.

Maybe you still recall 2015’s article about fuel tanks at Born Free, maybe not. Anyway, here’s some more of those badass containers that were initially designed to just hold some fuel to make your motor going but have become true works of art!

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