Shake, Rattle and Hot Rods: Kustom Shakedown 2017

It’s a magic and colorful world we got to see at this year’s KUSTOM SHAKEDOWN: Hot Rods, Kustoms and Bikes of any kind and color presented in a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Kustom Shakedown has become kind of a Hot Rod tradition in Switzerland: Every two years by the end of October the weather seems to be magically great so people can hop in their old iron and drive to wherever the event is at. After having started in 2013 in Roggwil, the indoor show moved to Brunegg in 2015 and again changed venue to Burgdorf this year.

Changing the venue was definitely worth it: Markthalle Burgdorf isn’t all that big to host a huge indoor show, but has some great potential with its gallery surrounding the place so cars could also be admired from top. Plus the vendors weren’t crowding the place around the exhibited cars and had their own nice space on the gallery.

Outside parking wasn’t that ideal this time and it got quite cozy at times with cars being parked all over the place. We were lucky enough to be there quite early so we found parking spaces right in front of the place and weren’t disappointed at all. In the end, there’s always something that you could complain about and the ones complaining the loudest are usually the ones who have never put on an event themselves and are just good at critiquing others.

On display were a little more than 20 cars: Each and every one unique in style and color and coming from pretty much every corner of Europe. On the Kustom side, there were a lot of 49-54 Chevys present, a fact that I’m personally really digging. Hot Rod wise, there was a really nicely done display by Camshakers CC from France showcasing two rods and a Flathead Harley. One long alley consisting of about 6 Hot Rods was brought to the show by the Cheaters from Geneva showcasing every beautiful aspect of traditional hot rodding.

Bikewise you neither weren’t disappointed: Among the usual suspects like Flatheads, Knuckleheads, Panheads and Shovelheads were also some Japanese and even Swiss bikes. Plus there was a huge variety of pinstripers and other low brow artists that showed off their art and had plenty to do producing new stuff.

There’s no better way to end the car show season by going to Kustom Shakedown: Everyone’s already keen on starting their winter projects to roll something new out of their garage in spring and a few guys here and there sure had visions on their mind of working on their cars and bikes some more to have them some day be part of the show themselves.