Weisswurst, Brezen & Beer: The Rumblers Nomads Monster Run 4.0

Bavaria is an absolutely great place: Other than the more than amazing scenery, they know how to cook some of the best food in the world and they’’re very true of heart: When asked to wear Lederhosen to a hot rod event, no one feels intimidated, even better there’’s Weisswürste and Weissbier in the early morning to get everyone ready for what’’s about to come.

We’’ve attended the Rumblers Nomads Monster Run before so it was actually a no-brainer to make the decision to go again. Mixing amazing scenery with good people (not to forget Braten, Weisswürste & Klösse) is a recipe you can’’t really go wrong with. So there we were, out on the road to Nürnberg to meet with fellow Road Devil Mike to have some burgers at his diner and explore some of the most scenic parts of Bavaria.

Since my Chevy broke down on the way home from Hangar Rockin’’ (an exhaust valve was a little „hungry“ and chewed up a rocker arm) we were traveling with my daily, A/C and only little gas consumption included. Since owning an old car involves the usual hassle of having problems from time to time, it also includes having great friends that you meet along the way and down the road. Thanks to my friend Flo from Straubing I was granted to ride shotgun in his really nice Model A roadster, which not only meant I could take some great photos while riding but also catch a pretty epic sunburn.

There must have been about 40 cars attending the Monster Run, which everything from stock four bangers to fancy Kustoms riding along the way. The total riding time was about two hours so everybody got quite a fair share of time well spent on the road. And since Bavaria is the land of Weissbier and Schnaps and I wouldn’’t have to drive myself, I could really enjoy the local brewery and distillery culture (and don’t forget about the cars), which made the trip even more fun.

Later that night, the famous Rumblers Nomads party program started, which as usually included good (and cheap) beer, more Schnaps and the usual debauchery. I even got the opportunity to play the event with my own group KARAOKE BAND SCHWANZ which was really a lot of fun, you know, Straubing belongs to us!

Riding home Sunday proved to be quite easy since riding with some sort of a hangover in a new car is really a lot more enjoyable than having to ride home like 550 kilometers in an old car.

The event gradually grows bigger from what I’’ve seen so far and heard from other people but I really kind of hope that it will never grow too big. The size it has now is pretty much perfect with only people present that are really dedicated to their cars and don’’t want to buy shit from vendors all around and generally get screwed over with expensive beer and food prices. From how I personally know the guys in the Nomads chapter of the Rumblers CC this will likely never change so returning to Bavaria again and again and again is definitely in the books for the next years to come.