Flashback: Kustom Shakedown 2015

With this year’s KUSTOM SHAKEDOWN being not even a week away, let’s once again look back into 2015’s second edition of this unique season end event.

Kustom Shakedown is generally super laid-back and was – so far – always blessed with pretty nice weather bearing the fact that it’s held at the end of October. Every two years the organizers try to show the best that European kustom kulture has to offer, and thanks to the event not being annually, the vehicles exposed are all really one of a kind and never boring.

Being an indoor event, the weather isn’t that much of a deal like at other events but we’re all still hoping for good weather so we can cruise our old iron to Burgdorf on October 27th and 28th.

Looking forward to seeing some great cars, bikes, art and some familiar faces next weekend, it’s now time to polish up that old Chevy of mine, put in some transmission oil – that is eventually gonna come out soon again by itself – and hope for the best weather so we can make a big cruise to this year’s Kustom Shakedown.

So long, see you down the road.