Holidays in the Sun: Hangar Rockin’ 2018

If you haven’t been living behind a rock for the past decade, you sure have heard about how great of a meeting Hangar Rockin’ in the heart of the Swiss Alps is. From high-class music to great cars, from snow-covered mountains to sweaty hot days Hangar Rockin’ has it all, and that’s the reason we’re returning year after year.

Life is all about decisions, some like it that way, other prefer doing it completely different. Certain things might be universal, but even there some people show that even the most universal rules don’t apply to their taste. If this is good or not, we don’t want to judge here. Actually we would like to tell you the story about this year’s edition of Hangar Rockin’ which doesn’t really has anything to do with above’s introduction.

So, the rules are pretty simple: You got an old American car – stock, kustom, hot rod whatever it is – you make it run and kind of reliable so you can go on a road trip in it. You do the talk, you also do the walk, pretty simple right? Even better if you’re able to share your hobby with fellow people. I’m not trying on advocating car clubs here but sharing a tool or some wisdom here and there and lending a hand really comes in handy if you’re one of those rare people that try to fix (most of) their cars by themselves.

We have actually made it this year to ride to Hangar Rockin’ in a convoi of five Road Devils cars total, which in fact was pretty much one of the all-time highlights of the whole weekend. And even better, we arrived without having any (major) trouble, traffic jam or other bullshit of some sort. We set up our tent, started on emptying the coolers, put some meat on the BBQ and really enjoyed what was in front of us.

Friday night went by way too fast and early on Saturday morning we found ourselves again filling up our coolers with meat and beers and headed back to the festival. The place got pretty crowded during Saturday and there was a lot to be seen if you dared escaping the shade of the tent since the sun really got kind of brutal in the afternoon.

The Saturday afternoon races were pretty much fantastic as usual. I guess they just had this dragstrip in mind when they constructed the airfield way back in the day because it just has the most scenic background the whole valley has to offer.

We’re definitely looking forward on going back next year, Hangar Rockin’ is not only a pretty much amazing meeting but has also become kind of a tradition. And just like with every tradition, sometimes it gets a bit old and you find yourself not too motivated on going again but then you still end up being there and don’t regret it. Because, it’s just too beautiful to miss it.

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